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  Global Wonders: Language Jams  
  Global Wonders Language Jams  

Language Jams - What It Is

Jam along with your new friends in these participation-based musical segments introducing new places, customs, people and other fun words from around the world.

Plus, each DVD introduces numbers, shapes, and colors in multiple languages from around the world.

Reviews - Global Wonders DVD Series

"These are great videos for the preschool, pre-K and kindergarten crowd like my five-year-old Lucie who enjoyed the program immensely. She sang along with the music and repeated the foreign words and phrases when prompted. I enjoyed the animation and also liked how they approached world culture.

"The Global Wonders series puts an emphasis on what cultures share rather than differences – everyone celebrates birthdays, children like to play sports, and we all enjoy music. I appreciated that they showed grandparents and an African-American dad who is a college professor, too. Other positive role models include families who spend time together and children who like to learn, sing, be outside and play sports. Lucie and I give Global Wonders a thumbs up. -- Ann-Marie, My Readable Feast, Around the World title

"The Global Wonders DVD series really impressed our testers with it's unique ability to introduce and educate very young children to different people and cultures. The DVD's thoughtfully teach children to recognize and appreciate differences but also to take note of the many similarities we share. For instance, while languages, customs, clothing, music and holidays are dramatically different, children everywhere are children at heart. Kids around the world all celebrate birthdays, play sports, enjoy music and so much more. Using adorable and entertaining animation as well as real-life images children were intrigued and their attention fully captured. Perfect for use in schools as well as in the home this series comes at a much needed time and we hope that there are more titles and more cultures coming to the series soon." -- The National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval

"My four year old daughter loves this series. Like most four year old girls, she can be very picky (about everything!) and this is her hands down favorite things to watch. While being very entertaining (some of the Baby and Little Einstein people are the creative forces behind this), this is also a great educational experience. Our daughter has asked us to learn more about some of the themes touched on in this series. Overall, this is very highly recommended." -- Debbie

"A great idea! Your child will develop a greater understanding of different societies." -- Parents Magazine

"As the world grows smaller -- and children grow smarter -- along comes Global Wonders, a warm and delightful new series that joyfully invites kids to open the door to the glorious diversity of our international family. Colorfully animated, cleverly scripted and crammed with live-action clips that depict the rich tapestry of our shared world culture, Global Wonders is destined to take its place among the best and brightest of children's entertainment. I love this series!" -- Bruce Kluger, Parenting Magazine

"Driven by a theme song that celebrates the "great big world" and all the different cultures in it, the Global Wonders DVDs combine animation, live action footage, still photos, and artwork to create a ride that takes Disney's "It's a Small World" to a higher level." --

"Lots of international adventures to be had.  Kids will enjoy the music and get a kick out of seeing their own culture represented." -- AOL's Parent Dish

"Highly engaging through the entire program with colorful, high quality animation. Receives an overall A Grade and the TTT mark of excellence indicating that a product has been triple tested by trained researchers, educators, parents and children. A toy with a TTT rating means that it exceeds our standards and has been rated to deliver a fun play experience that also stimulates developmental learning skills." -- Marianne Szymanski Toy Tips Magazine and The Toy Research Institute

"It was an instant hit with my 4-year old daughter. She loved all the characters and immediately related to one child that looked just like her. She really loved learning about different cultures and recognizing some places and landmarks that she has seen in books and in our family travel photos. She literally wanted to pause it when I tried to talk to her about something so that she did not miss a second of the show. An instant favorite in our house! Best of all is that I really loved the video too. Global Wonders is definitely on my go-to list as a great holiday gift this year." -- Kristen Stoller, Oakland, California

Global Wonders DVD Series
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